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K-1 Mailing Schedule

Our tax department strives to mail Schedule K1s as soon as audited financials are received from our outside accountants for each property. Due to circumstances beyond our control, 2022 K-1s for some DSI Partnerships will be delayed this year.  At this point, we are unable to provide definitive dates and some K-1s may not be available until after April 15th.

During 2022, our property management company upgraded its accounting system. This transition did not progress smoothly, and information needed to prepare final K1s was incomplete and provided to our tax professionals much later than usual.  We are working with our property management company to resolve these issues so that our team can complete their work as soon as possible.

Please consult your tax advisor regarding this matter and how best to make payments and ultimately file your 2022 tax return. If you need an estimate of your 2022 taxable income from the funds for tax planning purposes, we believe that the best estimate based on current information is to use 125% of 2021 taxable income.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to deliver K-1s as soon as possible.

Please note that the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board have extended the 2022 tax filing deadline for Californians impacted by the recent winter storms to October 16, 2023. The following link includes this notice and lists the counties included in this extension:

More Time to File State Taxes for Californians Impacted by December and January Winter Storms | California Governor

DSI Growth & Income Fund Mailed 3/14/2023
DSI Growth & Income Fund II Mailed 4/14/2023
DSI Growth & Income Fund III Mailed 3/20/2023
DSI Growth & Income Fund IV Mailed 3/13/2023
DSI Growth & Income Fund V Mailed 2/28/2023
DSI Growth & Income Fund VI Mailed 2/27/2023
DSI Newport Growth & Income I Mailed 4/3/2023
DSI Newport Growth & Income II Mailed 4/6/2023
DSI Special Situations Fund & Special Situations Fund B

(Expect to receive two K1 forms in one envelope)

Mailed 8/22/2023
DSI Special Situations Fund II Mailed 9/8/2023
Fund Name Status* Date Mailed
*This schedule is updated as new information becomes available.