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K-1 Mailing Schedule

Our Tax Department strives to mail Schedule K-1s as soon as audited financials are delivered to us by the outside accountants for each property. Historically, K-1 mailings occur between February and March and are sent out according to the order in which the audited financials are received. Some DSI funds rely on reporting from other parties and delays may arise in issuing K-1s for those investments. In other cases, additional time may be required to resolve legal or tax complexity issues to the investors’ best advantage.

Notice Regarding Retirement Accounts – In an effort to improve efficiencies, K1s for units held in retirement accounts will be sent directly to the custodian. K1s are not required for individual tax filings for these accounts.


DSI Growth & Income Fund Mailed 2/23/2022
DSI Growth & Income Fund II Mailed 2/24/2022
DSI Growth & Income Fund III Mailed 2/24/2022
DSI Growth & Income Fund IV Mailed 2/24/2022
DSI Growth & Income Fund V Mailed 2/28/2022
DSI Growth & Income Fund VI Mailed 2/28/2022
DSI Newport G & I Mailed 2/25/2022
DSI Newport G & I II Mailed 2/24/2022
DSI Special Situations Fund & Special Situations Fund B

(Expect to receive two K1 forms)

Mailed 3/10/2022
DSI Special Situations Fund II Mailed 3/09/2022
Fund Name Status* Date Mailed
*This schedule is updated as new information becomes available.